The flight


Since meteorological conditions are hard to predict, it is impossible to pin point the exact location for landing. At the end of the flight, the pilot reaches out to the team on the ground using a radio and tells them where he is planning to land the air balloon.

The flight

The flight usually takes around an hour (precise time depends on the weather conditions and relief, over which the flight is taking place). Air balloon can reach the heights over 10km and above, however, it is flown at the height of 1km. This is because of lack of oxygen which humans start to experience at 3km.

Take off

The process of lifting the balloon up in the air is incredible. Watch as a giant piece of cloth, lying on the grass, is inflated via powerful ventilator and slowly becomes a colorful air balloon dome as the pilot warms it with bursts of fire.

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The prices ranges from 90 to 140 € (it depends where the flight tooks place). With Daily Card, OMNI ID or "Melga" discount code you get- FLIGHT DISCOUNT 20%. When booking a flight with an air balloon, be sure to let us know about your discount card and your preferred flight date and place.

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Our crew consists of experienced pilots with over 10 years of experience, who is led by skillful crew on the ground. Our team takes passengers to the location of the take off and returns back-to the agreed place – our job is to see that after the flight there are only nice memories. We are a reliable air balloon team, partnered with almost all LR (and not only!) air balloons pilots, we are members of the Airmen and Airwomen society in Lithuania! Hot air balloon flights take place in Vilnius, Trakai, Kaunas, villas and other Lithuanian cities.


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